Dead Clone Troopers Legion Scale Token Set

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This is a Dead Clone Trooper token Set with 8 different poses for Clone Troopers, Hope you all enjoy......

28mm Legion scale HQ 3D printed miniature.

Design Files

File Size

Dead Trooper7.1_fixed.OBJ
40.9 MB
Dead Trooper1_fixed.OBJ
33.1 MB
Dead Trooper2.1_fixed.OBJ
31.3 MB
Dead Trooper3_fixed.OBJ
35.9 MB
Dead Trooper4.1_fixed.OBJ
37.1 MB
Dead Trooper5.1_fixed.OBJ
37.6 MB
Dead Trooper6.1_fixed.OBJ
36.8 MB
Dead Trooper8_fixed.OBJ
52.7 MB


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