Dead Clone Troopers Legion Scale Token Set

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This is a Dead Clone Trooper token Set with 8 different poses for Clone Troopers, Hope you all enjoy......

28mm Legion scale HQ 3D printed miniature.

Design Files

File Size

Dead Trooper1ML.stl
37.6 MB
Dead Trooper2.stl
36.3 MB
Dead Trooper3 (repaired).stl
31.4 MB
Dead Trooper4.stl
41.6 MB
Dead Trooper5 (repaired).stl
42.2 MB
Dead Trooper6 (repaired).stl
41.8 MB
Dead Trooper7 (repaired).stl
50.4 MB
Dead Trooper8 (repaired).stl
50.4 MB


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