FULLY Fucntional 3D Printable Toy/Prop Gun!

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any misuse, mishandling or bad use that can be given to this model. It was purely made for educational purposes.

Hello everyone!! This is my first ever project, I hope you like it. 

(quick disclaimer: my english may not be %100 accurate)

Well, as you can see, i´ve designed in a fully functional and mostly 3d printable toy/prop gun. I made it because i was bored at some point in holidays, so I learned to use 3D programs and 3D printers. Here it´s working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBT51RZFGxQ.

Of course, there is a guide in the files that tells you exactly the components you´ll need, the treatment for them, the way to print the parts and obviously the assembly instructions. 

(In the real pictures of the gun you can see that difers a little bit from the STL files, but that´s because there are two ways to print the frame of the gun, one splitted in half and the other in a single piece. Oh, and the bad quality of the print if because my 3D printer is dying, so, help me!)

Design Files

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Toy Gun Assembly Guide.pdf
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HalfFrame - Left Angled Pin.stl
73.6 KB
HalfFrame - Left Frame.stl
314 KB
HalfFrame - Right Angled Pin.stl
71.4 KB
HalfFrame - Right Frame.stl
313 KB
Magazine Follower.stl
12.4 KB
Magazine Locking Pin.stl
24 KB
17.4 KB
Slide Bullet Picker.stl
54.8 KB
188 KB
34.5 KB
144 KB
35.1 KB
Firing Pin.stl
91.5 KB
FullFrame - Frame.stl
242 KB
FullFrame - Left Angled Pin.stl
60.3 KB
FullFrame - Middle Pin.stl
42.9 KB
FullFrame - Right Angled Pin.stl
59.9 KB


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