Majesty Board Game insert

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This is a box insert for the Majesty: For the Realm board game from Z-Man Games. Each player has their own tray for their starting components. Insert also includes a tray for sliding the cards down the drafting row. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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$2 _ $10.stl
527 KB
$1 Brown - Majesty.stl
83.2 KB
Player Bits v2.stl
56.2 KB
$100 Purple.stl
116 KB
Card Garage v1.stl
38.8 KB
Majesty - Card Tray 2 v2 v1.stl
682 KB
Majesty - Card holder.stl
115 KB
fus360 meeple holder.stl
409 KB
Majesty - Card Tray 1 v2 v1.stl
680 KB


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