Audi R18 Steering Wheel

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Users with Logitech G29/G920: Use RamjetX's Logitech Quick Release Adapter You can then use the included Thrustmaster Adapter

Thrustmaster Users: You might have to use the spacer I provided so that the collar on the base can thread all the way in on the adapter.

Nextion Dashboard:

Materials Needed:

--x12  Momentary Push Button(PBS-33B)

--x7  Momentary Push Button(Non Latching)

--x4 EC11 Encoder(Splined Version)

--x2 Micro Switch

--x4 10x3mm Neodymium Magnets

--x2 Arduino Pro Micro

--x1 3.2 inch Nextion Display(Regular or Enhanced, whichever is cheaper)

--x1 WS2812B LED Strip(144 LEDs)

--x1 GX12 Connector(4 Pin)

--x1 3M Coiled USB Cable

--x1 USB Hub

--x6 Jumper Cables(These include male and female end) or x6(pair) 3.5mm Banana Connectors

Hardware Needed:

--x6 M5x20 Screws or M5x30 if using the Thrusmaster Adapter

--x6 M5 Nuts

--x6 M4x12 Screws

--x6 M4x6x10  Threaded Insert

--x21 M3x6 Screws

--x2 M3x20 Screws

--x6 M3 Nuts

--x4 M2x10 Screw

If you have a Logitech Driving Force GT:

--40mm Seat Post Clamp

--6 Pin JST Connector

Print Settings:

45% infill or more: Print with 4 walls minimum


All DFGT files

Left/Right Handles

Thrustmaster Adapter

25% infill or more

Face Plate

Paddle Arm

Paddle Base


Design Files

File Size

Thrustmaster Adapter.stl
540 KB
Assembly Instructions.txt
528 Bytes
991 KB
131 KB
Face Plate.stl
371 KB
DFGT Adapter.stl
132 KB
620 KB
DFGT Stock Wheel Adapter.stl
338 KB
DFGT Base Adapter.stl
202 KB
Button Guard.stl
775 KB
LED Bracket.stl
30.2 KB
Left Handle.stl
1.72 MB
Paddle Arm.stl
130 KB
Paddle Base.stl
181 KB
279 KB
Right Handle.stl
1.73 MB
Rotary Knob.stl
372 KB


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