Assassins Creed Odyssey Leonidas Spear V6 of 6 my way


Assassin's creed last upgrade to the spear, it is a bit different but that as on purpose, the hole spear is 900mm long it as a 2 10mm width at the front with 115mm long, at mid spear blade it as 6mm width with 14mm long, and it as the whole length of the handle with 10mm width, this is so you can add metal rods not only for stability but also for weight. Any alteration to print please let me know I'm here to help.

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Design Files

File Size

Spear tip.stl
1.2 MB
3.89 MB
Spear back.stl
4.6 MB
Spear back split.stl
4.73 MB
Handle front.stl
1.22 MB
Handle Back.stl
1.3 MB


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