3D printed MINI snap pick gun lockpick

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This is my 3D printed mini snap pick gun. Don't let the size fool you! It packs as much punch as a full sized snap pick lockpick gun. You will need a thin windshield wiper metal insert, some hand tools a few rubber bands and a bit of time on a 3D printer. I used 6/32  machine screws 3/4 inches long. The wiper inserts come in three sizes, an hour at a wrecker yard will get you as many as you will ever need. The wider ones make very nice tension wrenches. The metal inserts are pretty difficult to cut. I use an angle grinder or Dremel. Make sure to debur the ends so they don't cut you or hang up in the lock. Make the thumb catch as smooth as possible before you put it together. The small slot behind the slide weight is to store your tension wrench in. I made a short video of how to assemble it and put it on YouTube link to video below. I also have me using it to open a deadbolt cylinder on my channel too.

Assembly video


Opening a deadbolt cylinder with it


Also featured on Hackaday!


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