Diecast model Tyrrell P34B Formula 1 Scale 1 to 24

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The Tyrrell P34B (six-wheeler) was a Formula One race car designed by Derek Gardner, Tyrrell's chief designer.

The six-wheel design reduced the drag which would have been caused by two larger front wheels, increased the total contact patch of the front tyres and created a greater swept area for the brake discs.

Nowadays the Formula 1 regulations required four as the maximum number of wheels allowed.

Model dimensions:

- length - 173 mm

- width - 85 mm

- height – 41.7 mm

Model consists of parts: body, cover, front part, front rim, front tires, pins, rear part, rear rims, rear tires, spoiler, stearing wheel.

Pins need to be from metal.

Design Files

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Rear tire.STL
836 KB
Rear rim.STL
705 KB
Rear part.STL
23.9 MB
28 KB
Front tire.STL
901 KB
Front rim.STL
576 KB
Front part.STL
13.8 MB
3.68 MB
1.46 MB
RackMultipart20190724-2476-11d7e3j.zip/Tyrrell B.obj
34.8 MB
RackMultipart20190724-2476-11d7e3j.zip/Tyrrell B.mtl
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RackMultipart20190724-2476-10uf29r.zip/Tyrrell B.STL
52.8 MB
Stearing wheel.STL
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