Quickrelease Adapter for the Hubsan Zino - Multiplatform

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For the commercially available landing gear for the spark we have this adapter. The adapter can stay on the Zino and does not bother. The landing gear is certainly not very wide but works very well for manual landings and straight landing fields. It can be removed at lightning speed, as you can see in the video on our Facebook Side (nichtsinnvollgibtsnicht). You just have to squeeze the landing gear and it will come off.

To remove the adapter, please gently bend it upwards and push it forwards. Is depend on the Filament how easy to break is the Adapter. I try with smooth PLA and with very hard PLA all is work more as 10 times perfect. And this is not necessary, just leave it mounted. This are the final Versions 003 + 004 choose according to your filament and usage which version is better for you. my recommendation Version 003 is recommended if the adapter is to be removed more often. Version 004 is permanently on Copter and hard to remove. Have fun by flying and follow NSGN.de by Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for more info....stay tuned

You can this Adapter also together with the Action cam Holder for Zino. Watch in my designs. You have to print the file Zino-traeger-1

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