Art Deco Baseboard Corner Moldings

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Fits inside and outside corners for baseboard molding of various heights.  Adds a nice visual touch and eliminates those ugly miters. Fits 2.5, 3.5, & 4.5-inch (65, 90, 115 mm) molding heights.   Allowance is made for drywall corners so molding fits snugly over corner bead and taped corners.   Corner angles are 85.5 and 92.5 degrees for outside and inside corner respectively.  I have square version as well. Let me know if you need them.

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Baseboard Inside Corner 2.5 in.stl
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Baseboard Inside Corner 3.5 in.stl
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Baseboard Inside Corner 4.5 in.stl
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Baseboard Out side Corner 2.5 in.stl
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Baseboard Out side Corner 3.5 in.stl
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Baseboard Out side Corner 4.5 in.stl
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