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Make  cookies with the   Cookie Cutter & Stamp Set! Perfect for hobbyists or professional bakers. Use for cookie dough, fondant or modelling clay.  

This 2-piece set includes a separate Cookie Cutter and Stamp. Stamp first, cut second! Having the Stamp separate from the Cutter is better than all together in one piece because you can use them with any thickness of dough you roll out. Also, it's easier to make sure the detail shows up clearly and evenly.

Our Stamps are carefully designed to include high detail, but not so much that there are tight spaces for the dough to get stuck in. Also, unlike most other cookie Stamps found online, our Stamps do not have a solid back wall. Instead, we use strategically-placed supports to hold the Stamp details together. This allows you to see the dough as you stamp so you can ensure the detail shows up clearly and evenly, instead of stamping blindly.

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