Diecast model Ferrari 512S Modulo Pininfarina 1970 Scale 1:24

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Ferrari Modulo is an extreme special berlinetta, single-volume, experimental one-off prototype, built on the Ferrari 512S chassis, of a futuristic car breaking the fetters of the traditional stylistic language, representing the atmosphere of the early Seventies.

The Modulo has an extremely low body with a canopy-style roof that slides forward to permit entry to the cabin. All four wheels are partly covered.

Model dimensions:

- length – 194 mm

- width - 85 mm

- height – 41 mm

Model consists from parts: body, exhaust pipes, right front wheel, right rear wheel, left front wheel, left rear wheel, axles.

Axles need to be from metal.

Design Files

File Size

Left front wheel.STL
3.1 MB
Exhaust pipes.STL
77.8 KB
6.07 MB
18.9 MB
41.8 MB
884 Bytes
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Left rear wheel.STL
3.21 MB
Right front wheel.STL
3.1 MB
Right rear wheel.STL
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