Family infinity photo frame

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A beautiful photo frame for the family photos 

you may print it on a small scale as one piece or you may print it on larger scale as 2 separate pieces and connect both of the 2 parts by the builtin joint 

you may print it in several colors you like 

the files format : STL as 

1. The frame as one piece  2. Frame part_1  ( for larger scale printing ) 3. Frame part_2  ( for larger scale printing )

tips for successful printing :

1. when you re-scale the model , make sure the you re-scale it with the same percentage .

2. keep the thickness z: 10 mm

3. Use double face sticker to hang on the wall 

If you decided to re-scale the 2 separate models , don't forget to scale all models with the same thickness and scale percentage to keep the symmetrical balance of the original models

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