Deinonychus Skull (Part 1/2)

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Hi guys,

this is my sculpt of a Deinonychus Skull (based on the late 60s reconstruction of John Ostron)

The fossil is split up in different parts/fragments (no need for filling gaps)

Size of the skull: 400mm x 235mm 168mm

Printer: Creality CR-10

Nozzle: 0,4mm

Layer: 0,1mm

Speed: 50mm/s

Infill: 10%

Support: yes

I concepted the skull to be mounted on a 6mm diameter metal rod.

If there are any questions left feel free to ask.

Have fun printing !

Design Files

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Skull Part 1.obj
5.04 MB
Skull Part 2.obj
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Skull Part 3.obj
2.93 MB
Skull Part 4.obj
4.32 MB
Skull Part 5.obj
19.4 MB
Skull Part 6.obj
17.9 MB
Skull Part 7.obj
22.4 MB
Skull Part 8.obj
7.57 MB
Skull Part 9.obj
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