Diecast model Ripsaw EV3-F4 Scale 1 to 24

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The Ripsaw is a developmental unmanned light tank designed and built by Howe & Howe Technologies for evaluation by the United States Army.

The Ripsaw is intended to perform various missions including convoy protection, perimeter defense, surveillance, rescue, border patrol, crowd control, and explosive ordnance disposal.

Model dimensions:

- length – 195.7 mm

- width – 97 mm

- height – 69.4 mm

Model consists from parts:

frame, cabin, rear part, right fender, left fender, bogies, dogleg 1 right, dogleg 1 left, dogleg 2 right, dogleg 2 left, dogleg 3 right, dogleg 3 left, right rubber track, left rubber track, pins for bogies, pins for front wheels, pins for rear wheels, pins for road wheels, pins for upper rollers, rear wheels, road wheels, shock absorbers, upper rollers.

Pins need to be from metal

Design Files

File Size

85.3 MB
103 MB
5.15 KB
156 KB
1.8 MB
Dogleg 1 left.STL
333 KB
Dogleg 1 right.STL
333 KB
Dogleg 2 left.STL
335 KB
Dogleg 2 right.STL
335 KB
Dogleg 3 left.STL
335 KB
Dogleg 3 right.STL
336 KB
8.77 MB
Left fender.STL
1.22 MB
Left rubber track.STL
1.04 MB
Pin for bogie.STL
28 KB
Pin for front wheel.STL
28 KB
Pin for rear wheel.STL
28 KB
Pin for road wheel 2.STL
28 KB
Pin for road wheel.STL
28 KB
Pin for upper roller.STL
28 KB
Rear part.STL
138 KB
Rear wheel.STL
822 KB
Right fender.STL
1.22 MB
Right rubber track.STL
1.04 MB
Road wheel.STL
1.34 MB
Shock absorber.STL
7.77 MB
Upper roller.STL
402 KB
Winch roller.STL
235 KB


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