Thor Stormbreaker Avengers Version 2

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As a correct as I can find reference images, again no handle on this one, there are 3 holes of 10mm diameter, 2 for the blade and 1 for the hammer, this are for you to put some metal rods for strength and weight, put the rods first true the middle bloc and then the blade and the hammer.

If you require to be cut in to more parts please let me know, I'm happy to help 

*buying this model you agree to personal use only. you can't distribute this file to anyone else

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rod for Hammer top 4.stl
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rod for Hammer top 1.stl
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midle bloc.stl
146 KB
1.7 MB
Hammer detail.stl
17.3 MB
Hammer main.stl
1.05 MB
Hammer top.stl
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rod for hammer detail.stl
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rod for Hammer top 2.stl
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rod for Hammer top 3.stl
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