Neuralyzer from movie Men in Black International 2019


A neuralyzer wipes the memory of a target or witness, putting them under a hypnotic state, making them susceptible to suggestion and implantation offalse memories, used by MiB as a moral substitute to witness elimination while still retaining their existence or/and alien presence on Earth unknown to the public.

Model dimensions: - length – 200 mm - width - 30,4 mm

Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 5.0.99.

Design Files

File Size
8.71 MB
28.7 MB
310 Bytes
Body part 1.STL
780 KB
Body part 2.STL
414 KB
Bottom cover.STL
266 KB
Bottom glas.STL
226 KB
6.1 MB
Upper cover.STL
267 KB
Upper glass.STL
205 KB


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