Super Parallax with Cape

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Super Parallax is Super man posses by Parallax in this version I included the Cape but the files are not sliced are all together with dynamesh or with the original zbrush file separate each part (not for 3d print) I included the STL, OBJ in two parts Body and Base you can use this piece for renders or retopology for a game If you need 3D Game Assets or STL Files I can do commission works.

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Superparalax with cape base stl.stl
46.2 MB
Superparalax With Cape body stl.stl
46.7 MB
Superparalax with Cape Decimate Base.OBJ
39.3 MB
Superparalax with Cape Decimate Body.OBJ
38.9 MB
Superparalax with Cape Decimate.OBJ
38 MB


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