Diecast model Naboo Queens Royal starship Scale 1:200

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The Naboo Royal Starship boasts a strikingly beautiful design that embodies the craftsmanship that prevailed in the peaceful years of the Republic. The polished, streamlined J-type 327 Nubian vessel lacks any offensive weaponry, but does feature strong shields and a competent hyperdrive. During the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, Queen Amidala and her retinue escaped aboard the Royal Starship. Piloted by Ric Olie, the vessel narrowly avoided the Trade Federation blockade, though its hyperdrive was damaged. The ship limped to Tatooine, where a replacement T-14 hyperdrive generator was procured.

Model dimensions:

- length - 380 mm

- width – 151.8 mm

- height – 28.35 mm

Model consists from parts: body, front engine parts, rear engine parts, bottom part.

Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 5.0.99.

Design Files

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Bottom part.STL
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Front engine part.STL
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