Auto-9 gun from RoboCop


The Beretta 93R "Auto 9" is a heavily modified Beretta 93R that was originally built for the titular protagonist of the 1987 film RoboCop. The pistol is fitted with an extended casket-shaped barrel with a raised front sight and matching enlarged rear sight. While made specifically for RoboCop, it has been such a popular design that it has since been reused in numerous other forms of media, including the film and TV sequels and spin-offs to RoboCop.

Model dimensions:

- length -  335,32 mm

- width -  29,6 mm

- height –  173,5 mm

Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 5.0.99.

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Design Files

File Size gun from RoboCop.obj
18.3 MB gun from RoboCop.mtl
1.47 KB gun from RoboCop.STL
42.9 MB


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