Gamora sword Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel


Gamora sword 3D Model for 3D printing only digital files

All files are ready to print and made to fit standart build volume. There are 2 holes with 6mm diameter for metal rods, one with 515mm and the outher with 340mm this is the one that goes from the handle of the sword. The whole length of the sword is 1000mm. I have  included 6 holes for magnets between the sword handle and the dagger handle,  with 5x5x5mm it is cube type magnets

Design Files

File Size

sword blade.stl
1000 KB
sorwd blade (3).stl
4.84 MB
Dagger (1).stl
753 KB
dagger conector.stl
47.6 KB
Dagger handle.stl
1.41 MB
sorwd blade (2).stl
572 KB
Sorwd handle.stl
1.16 MB
sword blade (1).stl
970 KB


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