Fibonacci Flower 3


Experimental art for triple extruders.

Scale as needed. Choose any colors you like.

Important, please read!

After several years of continued abuse by companies and commercial entities,

I have decided to give design sharing for home use another try.

However, I have learned, I must be very clear:

The files and design images contained in this zip/folder/page are Copyright 2015 by Virtox.

By using the contents in any way, you agree to abide by the

Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives license

under which this design was published here.

Translated to human language: For personal use only!

So feel free to print for yourself or give one to your mom or neighbor.

For any other kinds of use, such as sales or promotional use, contact me first!


Stijn van der Linden


Special note for companies and other commercial uses:

For any and all other use, please contact me first!

If you can operate a 3d printer, you can read.

So I will no longer tolerate lame excuses:

If you fail to abide by the CC-BY-NC-ND license, you hereby agree to pay the appropriate license fees.

This also covers "accidental", "unintended" or "other lame excuse" use.

Thank you for understanding!

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