Sand/Snow Tires for 1/10-1/12 rc toys cars


Hi, I made these tires for my little rc car to use with sand or snow, I use pla flex filament. The design is optimize for nozzle 0.4mm (ATTENTION, impossible to print with other nozzle size except 0.2mm) I add to the files the center  core of tire for use to create own tires, file Mozzo-Copertone.stl . You can use it by adding it to your design

There is 3 version:

  • B,C optimized design, easy to print, width 34mm and 44mm
  • A is prototype with big lateral teeth but it have a little problem to well top close 

Suggest print setting:

  • 1 perimeter
  • full infill (100%)
  • layer 0.25
  • top/bottom 1mm

For the wheels rims, no specific setting, I suggest to print as you see in image without any support.

On videos below I show version A and C in details and after the test run. In first video you can see the C version and in the second video the A version.

Design Files

File Size

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