1:18 Scale Articulated Horse Figure.

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I designed this 1:18 scale  horse  as I found that there was not that many figures of this scale with reasonable articulation.

Video of assembly Here : 

Note  : Requires use of supports, also recommend using  either brim or raft's for good bed adhesion due to some small parts.

Use a  1.75mm drill bit to clean the holes for easier assembly. ( 1.8mm bit will also work though joints can get loose.) 

I used 1.75mm flexible filament for the joint although you could use normal filament but it may wear loose over time.

Design Files

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1.85 MB
8.45 MB
4.21 MB
Back Hoof L.stl
820 KB
Back Hoof R.stl
820 KB
Back Lower Leg L.stl
1.05 MB
Back Lower Leg R.stl
1.05 MB
Back Thigh L.stl
2.49 MB
Back Thigh R.stl
2.49 MB
Back Upper Leg L.stl
996 KB
Back Upper Leg R.stl
996 KB
7.11 MB
Front Hoof L.stl
856 KB
Front Hoof R.stl
855 KB
Front Lower Leg L.stl
748 KB
Front Lower Leg R.stl
748 KB
Front Upper Leg L.stl
2.38 MB
Front Upper Leg R.stl
2.38 MB
Horse All Parts.stl
40.2 MB
62.7 KB


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