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These blocks glue together to make a Minecraft tree. The blocks could be painted to be any block you want. These are open on one end to make printing easy. If you don't like them open, then you can cut paper in squares and glue over the hole. The open sides face down when the tree is glued together. Best to paint the tree trunk before you glue it all together. This tree is scale to the Minecraft figures being sold in stores. I print everything I upload. The new files with 1111 and 222 are made thinner to save time printing. If you are scaling the tree down then use the thicker files. This tree will be 5 blocks high when put together. Print extra blocks to make any tree you want from Minecraft. Also these blocks can be painted to be any block in the game. Giving you as many new blocks as you can print. I am making a door soon and a horse.

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