Dinosaur skeleton - Psittacosaurus


A full Skeleton of a Psittacosaurus based on real Fossil scans scale 1/1!

foto model  = 1/6 scale all parts are modified to be easily 3D printed.

Arms and legg's have some tollerance to shape the dinosaur's stance you prefer.

If you need help for assembly or have Questions feel free to contact me!

Design Files

File Size

PS tail part 2 end.stl
6.67 MB
PS tail part 1.stl
3.8 MB
PS right shoulder.stl
2.66 MB
PS left arm.stl
2.33 MB
PS left femur.stl
1.52 MB
PS left leg.stl
1.98 MB
PS left ribs.stl
8.15 MB
PS left shoulder.stl
2.78 MB
PS Dorsal vertebrae.stl
6.94 MB
PS pelvis.stl
19.2 MB
PS right arm.stl
2.32 MB
PS right femur.stl
1.52 MB
PS right leg.stl
1.48 MB
PS right ribs.stl
6.42 MB
PS head.stl
49 MB


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