Bombos, Ether, and Quake Medallions and Coasters (LTTP)

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Wanting to introduce even more Zelda into my home decor, I decided to create the medallions from the old Link to the Past game. These were the medallions that Link would use to wipe out and array of enemies nearby and even stop rain.

This listing includes two types models: medallions that are more for decoration and coasters. The coasters have been intentionally made more shallow on top and are not double sided.

The medallion measures approximately 57 mm by 5 mm. The coaster measures approximately 76 mm by 3.5 mm. It can be scaled up and down pretty reliably.

Design Files

File Size

Quake Medallion.stl
4.28 MB
LTTP Medallions.obj
1.05 MB
LTTP Medallion Coasters.obj
902 KB
Ether Medallion.stl
3.4 MB
Quake Medallion Coaster.stl
3.49 MB
Bombos Medallion Coaster.stl
3.54 MB
Bombos Medallion.stl
4 MB
Ether Medallion Coaster.stl
3.4 MB


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