Dicetower "CustomTower 2go" Star Trek Cover Set ENGLISH


Cover-Set "Star Trek" theme to use for my Dicetower "Customtower 2go"

5 Covers: Ferengi, Federation, Romulans, Cardassians and Klingons

ENGLISH language - the pics shows the german version !!!

PLA without any Support, 20-30% infill honeycomb

Speed/resolution: 50% medium/50% fine

Design Files

File Size

Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover Cardassia EN.stl
1.14 MB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover Federation 01 EN.stl
1.59 MB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover Ferengi EN.stl
891 KB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover Klingon EN.stl
739 KB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover Romulaner 01 EN.stl
19.7 MB


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