customizable Dicetower - Würfelturm "CustomTower 2go"

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With this article it concerns a self-sketched cube tower from own production in the 3D-pressure.

Functions / features: transportable Dicetower with changeable cover! To reach an optimum mixture of the Dice the Tower has several differently formed and delaying fields. The Dice thereby roll slowly into the tray and can be seen very well or removed. The throw-in funnel can be put into  tower and closed with the cover. At least the tower fits into the tray.

Material: PLA 55x85x180 mm, without funnel *recomended for dice up to approx. 22 mm

Files: 1 tower, 1 throw-in funnel, 1 standard cover, 1 tray

Design Files

File Size

Wuerfelturm V1.3-Chasis 2go.stl
979 KB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Cover_blank.stl
1.45 KB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Einwurf 2go.stl
44.2 KB
Wuerfelturm V1.3-Tray 2.stl
7.8 KB


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