Spinosaurus Dinosaur Skull


Hi guys,

this is my design of a 1:4 scale Spinosaurus Skull. High polygon model ! Hope you like it. If there are any questions left feel free to ask. Have fun printing !

Size of the skull: 440mm x 200mm 150mm

Printer: Creality CR-10

Nozzle: 0,4mm

Layer: 0,1 - 0,2 mm

Speed: 50mm/s

Infill: 10%

Support: yes

Painted with "reeves SAND" and then weathered with "Marabu Acryl Color" and "Liquitex Burnt Umber"

Design Files

File Size

Skull 4.1.obj
3.18 MB
Skull 4.2.obj
3.36 MB
Connection 1.obj
5.52 KB
Connection 2.obj
5.5 KB
Skull 1.obj
52.9 MB
Skull 2.obj
19.5 MB
Skull 3.obj
7.42 MB


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