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Believe it or not, this part uses the same basic design as Crenollated1, but with 2 basic changes:

  • I twisted half of the 10 Loft control cures to the left, and the other half to the right
  • I changed the method of Loft surface generation from "Tight", which makes the transition from one control curve to the next to be in a straight line, to "Normal" which makes the transitions smooth curves.
  • I also changed the overall shape of the part to have more consistent outside curvature.

    When I printed this part my printer had a partial nozzle clog, which is why the finished part looks the way it does. So I included a rendered image that shows what it should look like without this problem. I'll print Crenollated 2 after I fix the clog; it will look strikingly different because I'll simply go back to the "Tight" Loft option.

    This print took a little more than 30.5 hours using a layer height of 0.200 mm and a [print speed of 80 mm/sec.

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