Interlocking Cactus Coasters


Thought the idea of interlocking coaster pieces to make up a cactus was a fun idea, but I wanted my cactus to be bigger and contain more segments than was available (I have a lot of friends to entertain, in many cases).

I created these to scratch this itch.

There are two pieces in this listing. One piece contains two notches while the other contains one. Linking pieces with each other allows for you to create large cactus-like structures made entirely of coasters. You can place one of the pieces initially in a pot filled with marbles for a fun way of displaying these coasters.

Each coaster is approximately 4 inches in diameter with a width of .1 inches. The design can be scaled up pretty reliably.

These coasters shouldn't require supports to print.

Design Files

File Size

Cactus Coaster 2.stl
187 KB
Cactus Coaster 1.stl
196 KB


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