Still Water (remix)


Still Water (remix)

The original creator of this model is Scan The World, credit goes out to him/her in the 1st place.

Original file:

In this remix i applied a voronoi diagram on the model. It is in fact a horse statue on a stand. I uploaded a file with text and uploaded also a STL-file without a text. So if your smart, you will be able to put a name under it, of your choice. Or just leave it as it is.

If you like what you see, be sure to post a picture of your own model!

I have printed this model in Ultimaker white PLA with a 0.2mm resolution and 18% infill. I used a brim a the beginning of my print, just to have a good adhesion on my printbed. My extruder was 210 degrees Celcius and my printbed was 60 degrees Celcius.




Design Files

File Size

still water v2 no text_fixed.stl
9.01 MB
still water v3_fixed.stl
9.5 MB


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