Stargate F-302

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This is my take on the lockheed F-302 from Stargate. I printed mine at 0.1mm layer hight with brims on a Prusa MK3

Design Files

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Lockheed F302 Bottom air intake.stl
87.5 KB
Lockheed F302 Canopy.stl
93.2 KB
Lockheed F302 Fuslage.stl
2.12 MB
Lockheed F302 Rear Thruster.stl
343 KB
Lockheed F302 Rear Wings.stl
65.3 KB
Lockheed F302 Side Trusters.stl
1.61 MB
Lockheed F302 Thruster caps.stl
478 KB
Lockheed F302 Wings.stl
3.18 MB


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