Wheel of Mis-fortune (Shot Drinking Game)

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Wheel of Mis-fortune (Shot Drinking Game)

This model comes with printable shot glasses, but I would truly recommend using real shot glasses for this, the dimensions of shot glasses are as shown in the image. Also the game should have 2 red, 2 blue, 2 black and 2 green shot glasses as they relate to the corresponding wedges on the wheel  - red wedge: Captain Red, blue wedge: Sergeant Blue, black wedge: Corporal Black & green wedge: Private Green.

Additional parts needed: 2 elastic rubber bands, a coloured printer to print game board fortunes for wheel (preferably best to print using high gloss decal materiel)

TURN IT UP A NOTCH: Fill ‘em up and spin the wheel. This shot based drinking game takes the Wheel of Fortune and turns it up a notch with various forfeits and physical tasks plus plenty of drinking.

A perfect gift for casino game lover, board game fanatic or for a good party thrower this Wheel of Mis-Fortune Drinking Game will have them running to set up to play.

So whether warming up for a night out, or bringing the party back home after painting the town, give it a spin and let the Wheel of Mis-fortune decide your fate.

The Wheel of Mis-Fortune game comes complete with various drinking and physical challenges all on the high quality spinning base and 8 shot glasses.

The Wheel of Mis-Fortune Drinking game can be used for any occasion and bring a laugh to all players. This game is for players ages 19 and older. Please drink responsibly.

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Base Tray.stl
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8 Shot Glasses.stl
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Arrow Assembly Lid.stl
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Arrow Assembly Towers.stl
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SPIN Font.stl
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Use This Image To Glue To The Wheel.png
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Wheel Handle.stl
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Wheel Of Misfortune.stl
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Wheel Pegs.stl
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