Sailing Boat 3D model

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Do you love sailing ? For the one who love sailing boats 3D model 

very simple, detailed and easy to print sailing boat 3D model 

Files format : STL

the package is included 4 files :

1. Sailing boat main body 2. Front sail ( print separately and tie it to the main body )  3. Back sail ( print separately and tie it to the main body )  4. Desktop Stand

Please read the below notes for 3D printing setting for better printing 

the dimensions of the sailing boat main body are : X: 165.28 Y: 27.42 Z: 127.02

you may increase the size of the boat based on your needs and your printer heat bed size and capability 

you may need to print with support just in 2 parts  - the front of the body ( will need 3 to 4 individual supports  - the back sail arc on the main boat 

In case you changed the size of the main boat body , Don't forget to change the size ( % ) of the other model components ( front sail , back sail and the desktop stand )

level your heat bed before printing to get a clean print

Front sail and back sail thickness are 0.4 mm ( just 2 layers of printing to give the impression of real sail ) and you may also increase the thickness ( Z ) based on your needs 

After printing the sails you may tie it to the main body ( there are holes in the sails and the main body for that )

At the end , Put the sailing boat on the stand and enjoy 

Please leave your comment / needs for further improvement 

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