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Watch the design process: https://vimeo.com/298490925

3D files are blank, no name engraved ;)

As you may already know in México we have Día de Muertos (not Día de los Muertos which is in Anglophone countries, a back-translation of its original name) a tradition which consists in placing altars for our dead from October the 30th to the 2nd of November however the significance of each object may still elude you.

This is my rendition of the candy skull, traditionally made of sugar, chocolate, amaranth seed, and many more sweet things. These little skulls also known as “calaveritas” or “alfeñiques” are gifted as presents between people and you can add a name on the forehead, be it the person receiving the gift or a deceased loved one (If you are gifting this with another persons name, it doesn’t mean you want them dead). 

We celebrate death, we mourn, we dance, we remember, we give respect.

In the altar and offerings you will find the deceased person's "calaverita" with their name, it is a gift of candy and food we offer our relatives so when they come visit from the afterlife, they can enjoy themselves.

This was made for my grandmother’s altar, and though it is not candy, it is something I would have liked her to have.

Remember that death is a natural step of life.

💀 Feliz día de muertos 💀

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