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Here is a handy and usefull design for all my coasters. The Coaster Holder Voronoi holds ( round) coasters with a 100mm diameter. But if your smart; you can scale the model in your favourite design program. The model has a nice voronoi pattern. And can hold up to eight coaster when each with a height of 5 mm.

This print is printed at 60mm/s. With a 0.20 mm density. And 18% infill with, Ultimaker White PLA. And the other one (same settings) is Ultimaker silver metallic PLA.

A coaster holder.. .featuring the trendy voronoi style. The video provided by layer by layer:

gives you the oppertunity to learn to design a trendy model. First the base shape is modelled in Fusion 360; than the voronoi pattern is applied in meshmixer. Because i have seen many voronoi 3D models and, find them truly inspirational, i wanted to learn how to apply this feature by myself.

First i have created a base form in Fusion 360, so the voronoi pattern could be applied on that basic shape. In Meshmixer the base is deformed from a square- to a triangular-pattern on the outside of the model. This way, more interesting shapes will appear creating the voronoi pattern. Especially by reducing the mesh with small and bigger brushes.

Personally i enjoyed watching the video very much. Because of the indepth explained proceedings in creating a voronoi pattern. Well-founded video's like these stay longer in my memory.

For me, making this project was helpfull. By learning this design-method, i discovered for example it's usefull to apply a plane cut in my models (keeping both shapes). Therefor i could apply the voronoi pattern to just the upper part and, leave the lower part intact. Wich is critical when you are using a high-detailed bottom.

A Downside is it takes significally longer to print these objects ( FFF Printing) But for me it's when i can choose between a fast prop or a slow well end-product.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Greet Raimon Elctrncs!

P.S. *check out my other coasterholders

Coasterholder lattice pattern:

Coasterholder with knobs:

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