28mm Scale Scatter Terrain - Gas Lantern Posts, Crates & Cask

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Multiple STL files, two different Crate models, a barrel/cask, one for a two lamp gas lantern pole and the second for a single lamp gas lantern pole. Both lamp poles are 45mm tall. The two lamp pole is 34mm wide while the single lamp pole is 21.5mm wide. The small set of crates is 24.5mm tall and 26.5mm x 27.25mm wide. The large set of crates is 24.75mm tall and 48.75mm x 24.5mm wide. The barrel/cask is 18mm tall and 13.5mm diameter.

Design Files

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28mm Small Crates.stl
543 KB
28mm Cask.stl
112 KB
28mm Large Crates.stl
1.03 MB
28mm Gas Lamp Post.stl
80 KB
28mm scale 2 Gas Lamp Post.stl
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