Indian character key chain

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Indian man key chain 

3D model format : STL

file format : STL

The thickness of this model is 4mm , you may change this thickness based on your requirement by the slicer ( z axis )

The size of the model is X: 54.92 mm, Y:51.36 mm, Z:4.00 mm you may also able to change the size of the whole model as per your requirement and your need

The STL file have been sliced by S3D and you may also use Cura or Ideamaker

1. Recommended speed for printing this object is 40 mm/sec

2. Recommended layer height 0.15 for good resolution and finishing  

3.  please note that you should consider thin wall setting parameters in your slicer to get a high resolution detailed print and not to miss any object details ( please take a look to the image that shows the S3D slicer settings for thin wall printing )

Please leave your comment \ need for further improvement 

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