PoGo Gift Box


Give a gift to all the ultra friends in your life to keep that friendship level increasing.

As an avid player and cosplayer, I wanted to create something fun to give friends and to bring around to conventions. This gift measures approximately 4.8 inches across and high.

It is comprised of five parts, four of which are the same. The top flaps lock into place, but are otherwise removable. Removing a flap exposes a cavity in the package. This open are can be used to place all kinds of items, including rare candy, stardust, berries and ultra balls. The flaps and the bottom part of the gift were designed to be hollow and minimize overall weight.

Just print up the model with some supports, finish the exterior with a nice paint job, and top it with huge bow.

Design Files

File Size

Pokemon Go Gift Top.stl
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Pokemon Go Gift Bottom.stl
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