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This bowl is trendy, and handy at the same time. Use this bowl to house your keys, wallet, office tools, etc. The bottom of the bowl has a heart pattern. Keep the bowl for yourself or give it to someone (special). The bowl has also a voronoi pattern.

If you printed this model, think about sharing a picture. It would mean the world to me!

I have printed this bowl using Ultimaker white PLA filament. I used a 0.25mm layer-height (just to speed things up) and 18% infill. I use a 0.4mm nozzle. The printspeed on this model was set on 60mm/s.

Design process

  • First i have made a base in fusion 360 (150*2mm and round). Next step i have champfered the bottom. I have dowload my heart svg and extruded it on the bottom. Than i entered the patch environment and made an offset plane 30mm higher as the ground plane where the sketched circle is. On that plane is have put splines all the way round. I used the loft feature to connect the bottom circle to the spines above. And gave them a twist. I saved the two bodies as stl-files on my laptop.

  • In meshmixer i opened the top of the bowl and reduced the mesh with a brush. Than i used the 'make pattern' function and used double edges. If i remember correct is made the voronoi pattern 3mm thick. I used the inspector function in meshmixer to repair the file. And last step was to import the bottom of the bowl and combine the two models. I kept the two models seperate because if i make a voronoi pattern on the bottom aswell things don't work out as planned.

Design Files

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bowl V2.stl
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