Did you know that Coke is the most popular soft drink in every country in the world, except one? It's true; in Scotland the mighty Irn Bru reigns supreme.  I lived in Scotland for five years and to this day I still enjoy The Bru now and then, so this coaster is my tribute to not only an enjoyable bevvie but truly a cultural icon.

It has the usual holes in the back to accept 3mm x 5mm neodymium magnets, turning it into a magnetic plaque.  If you don't feel like printing one yourself you're very welcome to head over to my Etsy store ( and I'll print one for you!

Design Files

File Size

Irn Bru - Orange.stl
242 KB
Irn Bru - White.stl
193 KB
Irn Bru - Red.stl
88.8 KB
Irn Bru - Blue.stl
98.9 KB
Irn Bru - Black.stl
215 KB
Irn Bru - Silver.stl
228 KB


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