Remix model test "kickstarter-autodesk-3d-master"

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Remix model test "kickstarter-autodesk-3d-master" that eliminates unnecessary difficulties by conucting the test.

This test is interesting in quantifying the printer's capabilities. The test was carried out twice. 

Test number 1 was performed with the following settings:

1. Material - ABS is unpainted from # 3DPlast. 2. The diameter of the nozzle is 0.3 mm. 3. The height of the layer is 100 ?m. 4. The printing temperature is 240 degrees C. 5. The default speed is 40 mm/s. 6. The speed of the outer perimeters is 20 mm/s.

Based on the results, a score of 27 out of 30 was obtained. In the course of the test, the peculiarity of the construction of the test platform 2 (the accuracy of the plastic feed) was revealed, which affects the printing, but does not affect the evaluation of the test. It turned out that the features of the model do not allow the S3D Slicer to properly work the platform base, which causes the perimeter to sag (especially when printing with relatively thin layers) and the reset of some of the loops of the supporting surface formed on it. ? To eliminate unnecessary complications during the test, necessary changes were made to the model geometry. Then, after installing the nozzle with diameters of 0.4 mm and increasing the height of the layer to 200 ?m, another test was performed (number 2). Based on the results, an estimate of 25.5 out of 30 was obtained.


Printed on 3D Printer Lad-1.0:

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