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Excavator model, very easy to print contains 30 pieces.

For the connecting shafts, 1.75mm filament pieces can be used.

Total size:

Height: 17.3 cm

Length: 30.5 cm

Width: 11.2 cm

In the pictures the assembly of the model is perfectly described.

3D printing settings

Only 3 files require support.

A 20% refill will suffice.

There are some socket pieces that require a horizontal expansion of -0.1mm or otherwise must be filed down a bit for the case of some pieces.

Design Files

File Size

Chasis x 1.stl
251 KB
Escape x 1.stl
105 KB
Espejos x 1.stl
300 KB
Paral tracero x 1.stl
150 KB
Cuchara x 1.stl
230 KB
Diagonale x 4.stl
72.8 KB
Eje rueda x 2.stl
248 KB
Paral delantero x 1.stl
138 KB
Patas Traceras x 1.stl
211 KB
Silla x 1.stl
1.36 MB
Pie x 2.stl
61.4 KB
Rueda x 4.stl
1.52 MB
Buje x 1.stl
29.6 KB
Cardan x 1.stl
235 KB
Brazo x 1 (soporte).stl
1020 KB
Cuerpo x 1.stl
888 KB
Escalera x 2.stl
59.6 KB
Filtro x 1.stl
106 KB
Hidraulicos x 1 (soporte).stl
866 KB
Cabina x 1 (soporte).stl
608 KB
Pala x 1.stl
183 KB


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