Wheel Lug Nut Indicator

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Easy to install, remove and reuse when using TPU filament. Nylon filament is also a good choice. I have not tried others. We ran a set on two city buses during hot days for about 21 days. No melting, warping or deformation happened and they were just as flexible and easy to remove and reinstall as when new using the easy grip thumb tab! They start to warp at 425F, whereas the manufactured brand we use melted at 255F. You may need to tweak the size by 2% depending on your printer, you want a snug fit so they will not fall off.  Can be scaled to any size 6-point lug nut you have. The large 1-1/2" indicator takes about 7 grams of filament, so download the files and start printing indicators for your fleet and save money! 

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Wheel Lug Indicator KC 33mm or 1 and 5_16.stl
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Wheel Lug Indicator 33mm or 1 and 5_16 inch.stl
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Wheel Lug Indicator 24mm or 15_16 inch.stl
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Wheel Lug Indicator 1 and 1_2 inch.stl
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