star trek discovery Phaser with stand

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The Phaser is cut in to several parts for a better printing, I advise to print the handle part first to check if it is OK for your hand, don't forget if you rise the size don't forget to rise the size on the base as well, if the cut parts do not suit you please contact me I will try to accommodate your needs, there are no moving parts, I have included some holes to put some magnets so you can take out the emitter 

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Phaser handle.stl
7.7 MB
Mag (1).stl
1.1 MB
816 KB
Phaser (1).stl
389 KB
20.8 KB
287 KB
287 KB
Mag top.stl
180 KB
2.9 MB
1.04 MB
emitter (1).stl
2.5 MB
Phaser (2).stl
805 KB
Phaser (3).stl
2.17 MB
pin phaser.stl
76.4 KB


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