2 by 4 Lego Brick

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This is a regular lego 2 by 4 brick. The pictures make it look messy, they just haven't been cleaned up yet. They are tricky to print and depending on which way you print it (upside down or right-side up) different parts will turn out cleaner or messier. It depends on your preference and doesn't matter to much.

I used a makerbot 3-d printer. My splicing software is called is the one that comes when you buy makerbots. I recommend printing it in pla at 190 Celsius-210 Celsius. Layer height is .1mm for fine details or .2mm if you need speed. Infill is 20% at lowest recommended (you can probably go lower as there isn't much to infill. You could also do it at 100% infill for a sturdy piece). Supports for the piece are recommended. If you have a heated bed you can use it if you want to. It shouldn't make much of a difference with this print.

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