XT60 Battery Caps Lose Fit "Fly"


Here are my files for my XT60 Caps. All of these caps have a vent hole and lip for ease of removal. I designed these to be printed out of TPU. I needed something pretty that would look good on the end of my connectors so I knew when my batteries were charged. 

Included in this download are the following:

Blank Caps: No writing and no images on the cap. Just a blank cap for your connector.

Full Cap: These say "Full" with an image of a full battery on the back.

Empty Cap: These caps say "Empty" with an image of a drained battery on the back.

Fly Cap: These caps simply say "Fly" so you know that if your connector has a cap, your battery is ready to fly!

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Design Files

File Size

Empty Cap.stl
162 KB
Fly Cap.stl
63.4 KB
Blank Cap.stl
16.3 KB
Cap Full.stl
57.7 KB


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