608ZZ Bearing Hanging Filament Spool Mount


Summary I designed this hanging spool mount to go under my workbench with my printers. I had lots of bearing left over from the fidget spinner craze and decided to put them to use. Filament comes off the roll nice and smooth. Required Components: 1 x 5/16 Round Bar (Homedepot) - Cut to 108mm (https://is.gd/oXKu1k) 4 x 608ZZ Bearings Printed Components Needed: 3 x HangingSpoolMountBearingSpacer.stl 1 x HangingSpoolMount.stl 1 x HangingSpoolMountEndCap_45mm.stl 1 x HangingSpoolMountEndCap_40mm.stl (optional) Supports are needed for the bearing gap. STLs are print ready oriented. Print Settings Printer Brand: Prusa Printer: i3 MK3 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 30 Notes: I've tested the mount in both PLA & PETG. Infill: 30% Grid or Gyroid Perimeters: 3 min Supports: YES (Only needed on the HangingSpoolMount.stl) Post-Printing Step #1 - Cut Round Bar to length. (108mm) Step #2 - Assembly the 3 bearing spacer and 4 bearing on the round bar. Step #3 - Insert bearing assembly into the hanging mount. Step #4 - Screw on the threaded end cap. 45mm or 40mm your preference. Step #5 - End cap assembled Step #6 - Mount the hanger. How I Designed This Fusion 360

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