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A small Lazy Susan spice rack for the #CountertopChallenge It uses 2 CDs for the revolving mechanism.

You will need the following:

2 CDs glue or double-sided tape A threaded bolt 1/2" long or slightly longer with a thread diameter of 1/4" or less

A corresponding nut

2 washers (optional but recommended)

Print in ABS or PLA at 15% infill. The base and top need to be printed with a diameter of 6 inches. The base is 1/4" high and the top is 1/2" high. If you want a lazy susan without a lip on the edge, just print another base, instead of the top.

The large indentation is for the CDs. Glue or tape the label side of the CD to the indentation. The shiny side of the CDs are facing each other when the top and base are put together. Run the bolt through the center hole and tighten. The CDs are very low friction and will allow the spice rack to rotate without the use of ball bearings.

Load it up with your favorite spices and hot sauces and enjoy!

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